Our Classes – Taster Videos

Fitness classes are great motivation and can help to increase performance and improve fitness levels compared to working out alone – plus it can be a lot more fun!

Our wonderful team of qualified trainers and instructors teach a wide range of classes every week with a fun and friendly approach. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or require extra support, these classes can be adapted for all fitness and experience levels.

So if you’re looking for a new challenge, want to diversify your workout or just have fun with others while improving your fitness, come along and give it a try!

Classes are included in your monthly membership fee and are currently available in Peterborough and Cambridge.

Ab Circuit

This high intensity class, is a mixture of Ab exercises to really target the core and oblique muscles. Joined here with three of our instructors (Dickie, Leon and Mel) they take it in turns to deliver an exercise in a high intensity ab blast. Make sure you breathe and feel them abs burn!

Barre Fit

Barre fit is a low impact, high intensity workout that is delivered by Katy. Movements are inspired by Ballet, Yoga and Pilates to support your body’s strength and stability.

Barre helps you strengthen your muscles and core in little movements which in turn will help to avoid injury. One thing must be said, do not under estimate the burn on these little movements!

Team Stretch

A mixture of stretching moves to really feel the benefit of each stretch. Mel has design the class to really flow through each stretch nicely and to help get into the zone to breathe into the stretch. This class will help with flexibility and joint movement along with many more benefits.

Stretching is important and with this video its great to click on and complete once you have done one of the high intensity videos. This class is suitable for all ages groups and levels of fitness.

Team Zumba

A great fun video for you to have a giggle with us as Samia delivers the whole Peterborough YMCA crew a Zumba class. With the staff learning the moves and Sam having her work cut out, come along to the party. Enjoy dancing with us and working out in a true Sam Zumba way.

Fitness Abs

Working the Abs in a different way. Dickie shows us different movements to make sure we engage our abs in full movements while increasing our cardio to help us with weight loss.

Using the HIIT style and bodyweight exercises you sure will get a sweat on. Having modifications available you really do get to choose how hard you want to work in this high intensity exercise class. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Yolande guides us through this great flow of yoga to help you get a low impact, physical exercise. Yoga helps with your stress levels, breathing control, flexibility, joint movement, meditation and lots more. With her calm manor and teaching points it really is suitable for all fitness levels.

Legs and Bums

Mel delivers a true burn for the legs and bums while engaging your tums in the process. Using basic exercises it’s a great chance to learn the moves and get stuck in, with the option to modify. This makes its completely adaptable for all fitness levels.


Zumba is a fun total-body cardio and aerobic exercise class using chorography throughout. Samia teaches the moves as she delivers the class using the latin music as inspiration. With her high energy she makes sure that you are getting a sweat on with a big smile on your face. Its suitable for all fitness levels.

So, if you like dancing and want to burn the calories then join Sam and get fit together.

Crazy Circuit

In a HIIT style session Leon has designed this class using different techniques that come together to make sure that you are working each of the muscles from top to bottom. It’s a high intensity class that has modifications include to make it suitable for all levels of fitness.