About Us

Our Health & Fitness programs begun over 30 years ago in our Ipswich facility with Cambridge and Peterborough following after. Our fitness gym has welcomed members from all backgrounds, abilities, disabilities and groups. This inclusive ethos has now been mirrored in Peterborough where there are regular gym sessions in Partnership with DIAL Sport for the disabled and for those with long term conditions. The Instructor Training has been running for 10 years, providing exceptional student support and the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s best tutors and assessors.


Our Work


Our work with disabled users has also grown and allowed us to develop exciting partnerships with wider local specialists. Our groups have included;


  • Peterborough Regional College (students with learning disabilities)
  • Papworth Trust
  • Little Miracles
  • DIAL
  • Kingfisher House
  • Peterborough Prison
  • Heltwate School, Aspire
  • Headway and Special Olympics
  • Winter Comfort
  • Red Balloon


We work with local physiotherapists who refer clients to our gyms who have conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cardio Vascular disease, Stroke survivors, amputees etc. Lately we have been supporting people with weight issues and/or health concerns and those with unseen disability such as epilepsy, depression and stress.

30% of our users have disabilities or life long conditions, and make up 75% of users on a daily basis. With the exception of the NHS, we are the only providers who currently offer gyms which are equipped to support this special population.

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