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Our Health & Fitness programs begun over 30 years ago in our Ipswich facility with Cambridge and Peterborough following after. Our fitness gym has welcomed members from all backgrounds, abilities, disabilities and groups.  This inclusive ethos has now been mirrored in Peterborough where there are regular gym sessions in Partnership with DIAL Sport for the disabled and for those with long term conditions.  Our Instructor Training has been running for 10 years, providing exceptional student support and the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s best tutors and assessors.

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“Every time we visit the YMCA gym we are greeted by smiling friendly reception staff who have always gone out of their way to help Nick.

Nick attends the gym after having an acquired brain injury which has left him paralysed on the left side.  He has worked with various trainers over the two years he has been a member and they have all been very good. However I’d like to give special praise to Martin who has taken Nick on over the last few months.  At all times he treats him with respect but at the same time has judged him well enough to engage in great banter which distracts him from the physical challenges he gives him.

The sessions are always fun, well thought out, challenging and meeting his specific needs.  Martin has gone out of his way to find appropriate tasks for Nick and to push him without overdoing it.  Nick is able to do much more now than he could at the start of the program and he has recognised there are no limits. 

It is great to see Martin sharing his skills with new members of your team.

Thank you Julie for organising such a valuable resource for the more challenged members of our community.”

– The Barrett Family