Cambridge Class Instructors

Alicia Gayle - click to read more

Returning in September – Steve Humm covering her classes until then


Hi I am Alicia,

I recently moved to Cambridge but have been teaching for a few years. I love anything with a good beat and am not afraid of a sing-along while we’re working out! I strongly believe in fitness being part of a healthy lifestyle and love how group classes encourage people to feel connected and have fun. The ultimate goal is not even realizing how hard you’ve worked.”Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway”

Tuesdays: 6:15pm –7pm.

Jen Reynolds - click to read more

Hi I’m Jen,

Just an ordinary lady, with an ordinary lifestyle, with the desire to help others get fitter & reach their goals… (Yes I do eat cake & like a glass of wine too!) I’m mostly as normal as they come (although don’t ask my friends!!!) …

I made my decision to become a Personal Trainer so that I could learn how to train myself and others better – working smarter.

My class is HIIT format, includes  a mix of strength and cardio, to keep the heart pumping whilst still working on strength and stability.

Look forward to seeing you soon when I am back!

Leyla Tureli - click to read more


Leyla is a qualified Yoga and Belly Dance teacher. Her classes are designed to give an overall feeling of well-being, with an emphasis on breathing, all-over stretching and core strengthening. Bringing in versatility although challenging, Belly Dancing is a fun and accessible class with modifications for different levels.

Leyla is one of our cover instructors so you may see her around!

Martyna Dziedzic - click to read more


Hi I am Martyna,

Martyna started her journey with hip hop 10 years ago, she was a member of various dance groups in Poland and she took part in many street dance competitions and dance camps. In 2013 she was a finalist of the biggest show in Poland, “Got to Dance’’.  She still takes classes from the most famous dancers in London (at studios 68, BASE or Pineapple).

At the moment she teaches hip hop at the Chequer Studio in Ely. Her classes include basics of hip hop, grooving, freestyle, B.E.S.T (body, energy, space and time), rhythmicity and also choreography. She teaches people how to be more confident with the dance moves. Her class always includes fun, laugh and a very good time.

Street Dance Class:

Tuesdays 7:15pm  – 8pm

Steven Humm - click to read more

Hi I’m Steven,

RSA, PEA, Reebok, Nike, Puma and Pilate’s qualified instructor (this list is not exhausted). I have worked all over Europe and had the pleasure of presenting a fitness class to the Royal Family.  I have also appeared on Big Brother, Britain’s Got Talent and presented at Club La Santa (Lanzarote).

Yolande Jaglin - click to read more

Hi I’m Yolande,

Integral Yoga offers a complete practice to connect Mind-Body & Soul.

Integral Yoga evolves with your practice: Your posture improves as you develop strength and mobility. In addition, the therapeutic effects of Integral Yoga strengthen your endocrine system, nervous system & immune system.

As you progress your practice gradually will become more pleasurable with a toned body and a more stable mind. It is not about flexibility but about learning from Humility & Acceptance.

Visit my website for more information:

See you on Fridays 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Karim Niangane - click to read more

Bonjour, I am a wellbeing coach and a former Body Transformation coach who absolutely enjoys sharing high energy levels and new tips to feel and look better for the rest of your day.

I arrived from Paris 16 years ago and I have loved studying and teaching my panoptic, low impact fitness sessions around Cambridge ever since. My focus is on restoring a strong sense of self while building a bulletproof core, pelvic floor muscles and glutes (your bottom).

Come and see me on Tuesdays 10 – 11!

Anna Maslova - click to read more


Hello, my name is Anna.

I am a licensed POUND Pro and LEVEL Up Instructor and Exercise to Music Fitness Instructor.
I turned my hobby and fitness passion into a profession. Once I have tried a POUND class and I fell in love at the first strike. With POUND, you become the music as you connect each strike to the beat and release your inner rockstar!

Come and join a POUND class on Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm.

Daisy Worzencraft - click to read more


Hi I’m Daisy, I teach Vinyasa and Hatha yoga but with my own unique ‘style’ which is very much focused on the exploration and curiosity of the yoga poses – rather than trying to achieve perfection!

I’m all about having fun, trying things out with a playful attitude, while building strength as well as flexibility. I also teach ‘Glutes & Abs’ which is a resistance band class, building muscles and strength to compliment your yoga practise, or to improve back, hip, knee issues. Strengthening the Glutes and core as essential for long term physical health and mobility.

I trained in Spain, under Yoga Alliance, and I continue to educate myself on the biomechanics of the body through various trainings and CPD.

Come and Join my Glutes and Abs class on Wednesdays 7pm – 7.45pm.

Look forward to seeing you!

Sarah Broadbent - click to read more


Hi! I’m Sarah,

Certified Pilates, Aerobics, Studio Cycle, Legs Tums and Bums, Aqua, HIIT, Bootcamp and Kettlebell Instructor also working as a personal trainer qualified in GP referral and training in Sports massage. I’m a keen runner and coffee lover working in and around the Cambridge area.

Join me for Pilates on a Wednesday 10am – 11am!

Victor Gomez - click to read more

I am a professional fitness instructor with over 12 years’ experience in personal training and associated fitness classes. Officially registered exercise professional REPs in the United Kingdom and also a Les Mills Instructor. I have a wide range of experience in different fitness clubs and have worked with a broad range of international customers.

I pride myself on identifying the needs of each individual and helping them reach their personal goals. My experience and training as a classical dancer has taught me the value of proper exercise techniques, something that I naturally pass on with my clients.

I currently teach in Cambridge and provide classes in Yoga, Step, Zumba, Barre fitness, Spinning, Dance, Aqua gym and also Les Mills programmes.

Come and see me on Thursdays for Zumba 6.30pm – 7.15pm and PUMPIT 7.30pm – 8.15pm.

Marta Alves - click to read more


I discovered my passion for both dancing and exercise when I started doing rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 9. I competed as a gymnast for several years, ultimately joining the Spanish National Team, where I was exposed to ballet, Spanish dancing and contemporary dance.

Later on, I tried hip hop, belly dancing and Zumba. In Zumba, I discovered the perfect blend between dancing and exercise. Every class feels like a party, it is suitable for everyone and a great way to exercise while having fun, bringing a ray of Latin sun to even the gloomiest of days!

Join my Zumba Class on Saturdays 9.30am – 10.15am!

Hazel and James - click to read more

Hazel & James are co-founders of WINGS studios, who run classes in Pole Fitness, Aerial Arts, Dance & Yoga based in the heart of Cambridge. They have years of experience in the industry and run fun and engaging classes, welcoming all ages, levels and abilities.

Hazel has been dancing since the age of 3 and is a qualified Dance, Acrobatics, Yoga, Hoop and Pole instructor. Hazel met life time friend and business partner James in Cambridge in 2013 and they decided to chase their dreams together.

James has been dancing since the age of nine. He then started learning Pole Fitness & Aerial Arts in his adult years where he subsequently met partner in crime Hazel and began an everlasting friendship. James is a qualified Pole, Hoop & Silks instructor.

They look forward to seeing you at one of their classes soon!

Ieva Normantaite - click to read more

I discovered Yoga at a local gym about 6 years ago expecting to end up a bit bored. Little did I know! Early in my practice I noticed how the time on my mat allowed me to get out of my head, get more creative and somehow find a little more peace and reassurance. While my practice begun as physical, it has morphed into something between movement, breath and stillness all in one.

Eventually, I decided to qualify as Yoga teacher with YogaLondon in 2018, teaching an Ashtanga Vinyasa style and then Mandala. I teach with focus to experience the body in movement, exploring various transitions while observing compassion towards our bodies and honouring our ability as it is right now.

Join my Yoga Class on Wednesdays 6pm – 6:45pm.