Some of our gym members’ success stories

Pat –

Pat has Parkinsons and was diagnosed in 2005. This is a condition that effects Motor Skills (movement). Early in the disease, the most obvious symptoms are shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking. Pat was always active and she decided that she was not going to give up so she joined our gym in Peterborough and attends classes each week, including zumba gold and pilates. She takes her time and sits when needed and even takes time out to take her medication.

Pat was a member of David Lloyd and was there for a few years, but after being told that the YMCA were very good, friendly and willing to help, Pat and her husband moved over to us. She is an inspiration, she is always smiling and really enjoys the banter and the class, I love joining her for a session. In Pat’s own words ‘I may have Parkinsons, but it hasn’t got me!’.


Lavern –

The lovely Lavern, a member at QAH was actually one of the cleaning team years ago and it was so nice to see her back in June.

She was determined to get fitter and lose some weight as she was uncomfortable being a size 16. With Martin’s help she certainly achieved both, now being a size 14, she walks better and feels her posture has improved. She has also cut out alcohol and stopped smoking which has made her feel 100% better.

Lavern’s GP was so pleased with her and said she was as fit as a fiddle and had done very well in that space of time! Martin is wonderful, patient, knowledgeable, she couldn’t have done it without him. Lavern said the YMCA is ‘a wonderful place to come with some lovely people here including old school friends (Karen on reception)’. It’s great seeing Lavern’s smiling face but please STOP bringing us donuts!!



Marie –

Marie came to Peterborough gym 3 years ago, she suffered depression and anxiety and had other health issues. She came on our GP referral Scheme and was desperate to lose weight and get back to her old self. Her weight had yo-yo’ed for years. After her free referral sessions she really battled with whether to carry on or not. She had such support and encouragement from the staff that she did indeed join. With our help and Slimming World, Marie lost 7 stone! She now does 7 – 8 classes a week, her asthma is under control and she has not used a ventilator for a year, she’s definitely a very fit, confident lady now.

She loves the YMCA and is so glad she walked through our doors, it is the most friendliest supportive environment, especially for people like herself that really needed that little bit extra, and look just how well Marie has done!