Nick Makes The Team Thanks To YMCA Gym

At the age of 25 things were going well for Nick Barrett with a developing career as a personal tax accountant, he was buying his first home, his social life was thriving and he loved to play soccer every Saturday,  When out of the blue  he suffered a seizure for the first time. An MRI scan identified the problem as a brain tumour and two operations were carried out to try and remove this. Unfortunately during the second operation Nick had a bleed in his brain which resulted in him suffering a stroke.

He then began an extended period of rehabilitation which brought Nick to the YMCA Gym where he has been guided for about four years by their volunteer trainers. During this period he has made amazing progress particularly with his current trainer Martin Jones who utilises the whole range of available equipment to find new and stimulating ways to continue this improvement.

During an outdoor session  with Martin of soft ball golf, hockey and soccer Nick was approached by a Cambridge United soccer coach who organises five a side soccer for people with disability. Nick is now a regular at these sessions and is delighted to be back to the sport that he so enjoyed when able bodied.