Why choose YMCA for your career in Fitness?


  • Full Student Support provided at every step of the way
  • You can turn your home into a virtual classroom
  • You’ll be recognised internationally with CYQ Central YMCA Qualifications
  • You’ll qualify for automatic entry to the Register of Exercise Professionals
  • And earn a living doing something you love – we know, it’s what we do!


Please see our full list of vacancies on our main website.


Our gyms operate using a successful volunteer model


During 2016-17 volunteers provide 31 hours a week to our Cambridge Gym by either assisting on the gym floor or working one-to-one with clients.

24 clients in Cambridge were provided with specialist one-to-one support with the help of trained volunteers over weekly sessions.

On average volunteers provided the gym with 8.5 free hours per day which is an amazing help and manages us to work with the amount of people that we do.