John’s Gym Story

“I was referred to YMCA Gym in Cambridge by another member nearly 3 years ago. My initial aim was to build my upper body strength. I have cerebral palsy and in a wheel chair but can work around my home. Since joining the gym I have been supported by Cyrus, we have built a relationship and I consider him my friend now.

With Cyrus’s support my upper body has changed dramatically, I have a lot more strength which has made me feel more positive and good about myself. I attend the Gym with Cyrus twice a week Mon/Fri, I look forward to coming as it’s not just for the exercises which I know is important, but it’s also the staff, from the moment I go to reception I am treated really well.

Due to the changes in my upper body I can now tackle a lot more everyday tasks around the home which I most certainly would not have been able to do before joining the gym. For example I feel more stable and confident getting out of my chair on my own at home. Without the wonderful facilities the YMCA offers and the volunteers that work with us, I would not feel the way I do today so thank you everyone at YMCA.”